Travel Tips Memphis to Orlando

A perfect travel needs a lot of preparation work. We need consult friends, agencies, hotels, or even online communities, like Y! Group or Acobay, to collect all related informations.

For example, in planning a trip to Orlando, Florida by air from eastern Arkansas, or for that matter, anywhere in the United States, a savvy traveler will do their homework for the best value and most convenient route and hours to travel. One must take into consideration what time the flight departs and arrives at it’s destination. If you chose a flight that is not non-stop, possible weather problems should be considered as many connecting flights may be in Chicago or Detroit.

In starting the process we decided to fly non-stop to reduce the time of travel and lesson the chance of lost luggage. The next step was to decide on the days we would travel. If a traveler is flexible, lower travel rates can usually be found., Orbitz, and Northwest Airlines can be used to check prices and departure times. The benefit of using and Orbitz is that all the different airlines serving the destination from the departing airport will be listed. We then compared the prices of departing from Little Rock as opposed to Memphis. Memphis was selected as the prices were approximately half the cost compared to Little Rock.

Northwest Airlines was selected for the following reasons. First, the price was the most economical, $222.62 per passenger. Second, the travel times were very convenient for us, depart at 9:19 a.m. flight 954. Return flight #955 departing at 12:30 p.m. Third, the special perks we discovered with Northwest. Be sure to sign up with Northwest Worldperks. A traveler earns points that can be traded for tickets with each flight. The traveler can also earn miles through different programs and promotions at this sight. Two other sites where Northwest miles can be earned in a easy manner are e-miles and e-rewards. We use both of these sites.

A major concern at any airport is parking. This was handled through Fast Track in Memphis was selected at a cost of $37.92 for four days of parking. Both times we have used this service it has been quick and painless. The Fast Track drivers make this often unpleasant experience an unexpected pleasure.

As we were going to end our trip by driving, a rental car was a must. We used the „name your own price“ to get a better deal on a rental car. A condition on using this feature of Priceline is that once accepted the deal is final. We rented a mid size car from Avis for $86.24 total for three days. Avis is very handy and located at the airport which cut out transportation time to our car. The employees were very friendly and made sure we were in our car very quickly, which was appreciated. We have also used Hertz at the Orlando airport and were very pleased with them. If you use Hertz there will be a fifteen minute bus ride to the Hertz lot.

Using these easy steps any traveler should have a seamless trip to the wonderful city of Orlando and the surrounding area. Enjoy Disney and the other family destinations.

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