Transportation Management 101

Every business that produces a product needs to have a transportation management system as part of its logistics strategy. Without this, the company may find itself facing serious revenue loss due to poor transportation of goods to their intended brokers, middlemen, and down to their consumers. The lack of a management system of this kind often results to poor branding, poor product identification, and poor marketing. Consumers will then tag the product as unreliable.

From a bird’s eye view, transportation and the way it is managed is segregated into three stages only. The first is planning on the type of transportation and how it will executed. The second is the actual execution. And the third is the measurement of how well the execution went through and how effective the plan was. Once these stages are carefully laid out, it may then be said if one type of approach is not applicable or if it was not done right. In many instances, only experience will tell what is acceptable or not.

There are many organizations that offer solutions to transportation management problems. These companies have been in the industry of logistics for years and they often promise to reduce the costs for transportation. In reality, any businessman who is engaged in his own company’s activities need not procure the services of such companies unless his own company is gigantic in market scope. However, if the business is just local, one simply needs to identify the pain points why the transportation of goods for his own product is ineffective. This may have something to do with poor planning or poor execution. Most often than not, people just need someone to lead them.

In transportation management, one should consider what type of transportation is the most cost-effective. Many people make the mistake of using cargo ships to transport goods from one place to another. Apparently, it is a lot cheaper to transport the goods by land. In most cases, it is also faster to travel by land and less hazardous, as the trucks are not prone to sinking down the sea.

Other businessmen use outsourcing methods to transport goods. This is an effective way of managing goods transportation only if the outsourced service provider can deliver the expectations in a timely manner without compromising the quality of the goods delivered. There are many trucking agencies and companies that offer trucking services at a low cost. However, one should not forget that these trucking companies must also know how fragile the goods are and in what condition they should be delivered. One mistake in handling a certain type of good will render it practically useless. Only then will a businessman realize that what seemed to be an effective way of transport has become his cause of financial loss.

In effect, one should not always focus on cost of transportation. An effective transportation management system is something that can integrate all the needs of the company and its consumers to ensure that goods are brought to the market.

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