Job opportunities available in car shipping industry

The auto transport industry has a wide range of job opportunities with a good carrier projection. These jobs are also offered on both basis as a full time and part time. People who are looking for a car transport jobs should possess certain qualities like devoted, loyal, motivated and hard-working. Professional prospects in auto shipping industry are encouraging even for those who step in for the first time in this industry.

There are numerous Auto transport jobs available like Auto-Mover truck driver, Auto Shipping dispatcher, Customer service representative, Driver Car Hauler, CDL Driver, Military Vehicle Shipping job, owning your Own Truck Fleet, Intermediate Auto Mechanic etc.

You can get to know about the present vacancies through classified advertising, from car dealers, and bidding sites. Clients may demand for shippers who specialize in race cars, traditional and collectible cars, or loads with many vehicles. People keep moving often are in need of a car transporter.

The very first vehicle transport job that comes to our mind is truck driver. The work of truck driver is very complicated when compared to than any other driver as in this case the driver has to deliver the vehicle and also has to load and unload it. Another trouble is they have to pick up vehicles from 10 to 12 places and deliver to different states which take few weeks to deliver. This is a very difficult job for drivers who are wedded but they are paid a good amount.

The next job title that comes to our mind is the dispatcher. A Vehicle transport dispatcher is the „travel agent“ of the car transport industry. The dispatcher takes orders for shipment of customer vehicles and plans it with the transport company. This particular work is much harder than taught because each customer transports his vehicle from a different place to somewhere like Melbourne, for example to Bangkok, so this has to be planned with a truck that has 8 to 11 autos which goes on that route. The dispatcher has to transfer information about pick-up, delivery, and transportation times to and from the truck driver and the customer.

Another type of work is that of client service representative. The client service representative is the person who takes delivery and sends out quotations marks to consumers via phone or email. The client service agent also takes the order from the buyer and sends it to the dispatch dept. The client service representatives are also responsible for clearing the doubts of the customers about shipping as the clients may not know about auto shipping.

Diesel Mechanic plays a most significant role in the car transport industry. This work is given much of significance because he would be working for the safety and security of the company vehicles to ensure that the company trucks move safe and sound on the road. The necessity of Diesel Mechanics is always high in the car transport industry.

An Auto Processor’s job would be processing cars from one end to another end. General Warehouse job includes the usage of forklift to transport overstock freight to main locations.

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