How Freight Forwarding is Different from Courier Services?

The most crucial factor that differentiates between a Freight Forwarder and Courier Service Provider is the process of executing the delivery of goods and consignments. The former depends on its associations or tie ups with several other transportation companies unlike the latter, who has to organize its internal delivery mechanism much to make the business a success. Freight Forwarder’s services are more focused on multi-national transportation of both domestic and commercial goods. The service is mandatory for the companies, which are engaged in transporting a wide range of products to overseas market.

Since the Freight Forwarders don’t transport the goods by themselves, it is essential for them to have alliance with other transportation companies, who specialize in transportation of goods through Air and Sea. This clearly indicates that the credibility of any Freight Forwarder doesn’t only be judged on its infrastructure, but also depends on its associated companies. Freight Forwarders bridge the gap between their clients and multi-national companies. Apart from Air and Sea, they also use Road and Railway as their transportation modes.

Why you can’t Contact a Multi-national Transportation Company directly rather than asking a Freight Forwarder to ship the Consignments?

The big multi-national companies generally don’t deal with customers directly as interacting with thousands of individual customers instead of some Freight Forwarders would make their task complicated. Freight Forwarders function as mediators and make the entire system smooth and transparent.

They collect your consignments from your doorstep, package them and chalk out the best transportation plan for you. They tack care of you product and ensure safe loading and unloading of your products.

Apart from this, there are various other tasks such billing, custom clearance, documentation, and international import-export legal issues, which are handled by the Freight Forwarders. They have expert team with them, who take care of all your legalities to ensure hassle free transportation of your goods across the borders. The insurance of your material is also done by them.

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Source by Harshal Y. Desai

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