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Get, Your Free Ride To Work The {Official Referenced} Green Wave Project Business Plan will be available  3/24/2010 to registered visitors only, and no NDA is required. Below you have an executive marketing summary where information is easily extrapolated. For example new client/shareholders are easily multiplied by $300 for matriculation times  100,000 (for example) and the cost for each new client/shareholder is <$10, and whereas each vehicle on US roadways cost our layered governments $6,000 to $8,000 each year times 254,000,000 vehicles.
Potential Stakeholders will have to consider the accretive value to thier organizations associated with the aquisition value of the appendix, references, patents and accretion value of working with other best of breed stakeholders.  For every corporate stakeholder there are easily two others that are equally qualified to provide services such as; telecom, merchandising, capital equipment and technology. The Appendix and References are referenced by time; what is now?, transition, systems level and long haul. The patents have exclusivity for 20 years, and the selected stakeholders are best of breed within their core spheres.

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News Bulletin;
„Surprising Results Achieved with Cooperation On All levels“

Take a bunch of Technology, combine it into a systems package, complete with documentation, a client/passenger/shareholder equity business model and achieve free rides to and from work.  Ad in a wonderful marketing campaign an informative comic book, access to real data.  Then jobs are created, time is saved, new business models flourish and cooperative transportation games can evolve.

Dynamic Routing enables trips from; A to B, B‘ to C, C‘ to D, D‘ to E, E‘ to A‘, A to F, F‘ to Z, [trips follow as near perfect passenger load optimization as possible] 15 passenger vehicles with first Class accomodations, 100% ADA compliance, Census data for the last 100 years indicates that we are truly going astray from actually walking to work or taking a horse drawn wagon to the farm fields.  We now are so busied with getting to and from work that for many super urban areas it takes 45 minutes to get 4 miles to and from work. Routed

„Dynamically Routed Community Transportation Systems Packages“ provide these 7 criteria with First Class performance.  The elevator speech offered is so simple that you will stop and wonder for a few seconds why hasn’t this been done before.  Simplicity is at the door step of us solving our own transportation problems and then thinking globally as to how we can offer these solution sets that provide these service features with ease.The answers and annecdotal reasons are buried within the market forces that we have

1. Services + Convenience

  • The group will be picked up upon signaling the in under 12 minutes [based on human behavior tolerance to wait for rides]
  • Non-Stop ride
  • On Board coffee, snacks, boxed lunches and Commerce
  • Group decides how, when and where they will be picked up
  • Free Merchandise and coupons from sponsoring companies
  • Fold out seat back desks
  • Comfortable First Class seating


  • All Passengers are identified
  • Extremely small cash transactions
  • Serves Patriot Act and Banking Requirements
  • Initial commitment stored in Escrow account

3. Safety

  • Conformance to all regulations, Federal, State and Local
  • On Board Data, OBD vehicle status tied to driver interface
  • Drivers Certified
  • On Board Emergency Equipment
  • Statistically safer than driving individual car 38:1

4. Utility

  • Efficient transportation to and from work and back again
  • Pac-Man optimization game [demand responsive] for slow periods
  • Guaranteed ride home State program compliance
  • Community social Networks are able to organize trips

5. Environmental Equity

  • Significant reductions in Green House gas emissions 100 cars:1van
  • Carbon footprint diminished
  • Better Utilization of Government Transportation subsidies
  • Less noise pollution
  • Environmental impact is in direct relationship to scale of implementation

6. Economic Conservation

  • Employees
      • After Tax income will not be used for getting to and from work
      • Average $10,000 annually will be directed to household discretionary income
      • Communities utilizing custom Shuttle services would become wealthier
      • Less Time wasted in traffic Congestion
  • Employer
      • New business Opportunities, Vendors and Corporations
      • Employer receives more Productivity from employees
      • More available work force, Less salary requirements
  • The Green Wave Project
      • Complete Systems are sold regardless of geography considerations
      • Electronics innovations
      • Patented implementation of system enhancements
  • Government
      • Import expenditures reduced
      • $6,000 to $10,000 per car, Government expenditures reduced
      • Private Venture which is incentivized to make a profit
      • Contributes directly to Economic Stimulus

7. Energy Self Reliance

  • 1,000 to 1,500 gallons of gas per car saved annually
  • Alternative Energy Sources Better Utilized
  • We would have less requirements to defend our oil supplies
  • Life Style Improvements
  • Opportunity to extend range of Family vacations

Happy Consequences

  • Errand trips chained through transport service
  • Free on-board Telecom
  • Web console for every passenger
  • Junior will be transported more securely than Fed Ex
  • ADA compliance as a team group effort
  • Customized Scheduling for various work day requirements
  • Pools of special purpose vehicles available, trucks, SUV’s, sports cars
  • System becomes self insured
  • Life Style improvements, more vigor, vacation range extended, etc.
  • Long Term improvements that are obvious by definition

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