Blues Piano: Blues-Schema - Blue Notes - Improvisation. Band 1. Klavier. Ausgabe mit CD. (Modern Piano Styles)

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– Dreiklänge: Beginner’s Blues- Beginner’s Blues (melodisch)- Beginner’s Boogie- Blue Third Blues- New Orleans Triplets Workout- Blueberry Hill- Five-Finger Blues- Trill Blues- On.Off Boogie- Happy Blues- Sad Blues- Blues for Booker- Akkorde mit Sexten: Sixth Blues- Jump Shuffle- C Jam Blues- Riff Blues- Sunday Afternoon Blues- Barrelhouse Blues- Blues with Pick-Ups- Slow Blues in D- Blue Fith Boogie- Syncopated Boogie- Back in the Alley- Septakkorde: Seventh Blues- Blues for Sal- See See Rider- Smooth Blues- Blues in Thirds- Bouncy Boogie- On-off-Boogie- Blue Monk- Slow Blues in G- Tritone Blues- Got my Mojo Workin‘- E Blues Scale Workout- Hörvorschläge- Patterns für die linke Hand- Blues-Licks1 Stück

Immobilienmakler Heidelberg

Makler Heidelberg

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