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The Acu-Life Eye Patch Has Been Designed Specifically To Protect And Aid In The Healing Of An Injured Eye. The Concave Shape Minimizes Pressure Against The Eye, Whilst Providing Comfort From The Foam Surround Which Also Aids Air Circulation To The Affected Area To Promote Healing. The Eyepatch Has An Adjustable, Elasticated Strap That Provides A Secure Fit For All Heads Size And Shapes. The Eyepatch Is Designed For Medical Use Only And Is Especially Useful For Those Who Have Recently Had Surgery And Have Been Advised To Protect The Eye During Healing. The Product Is Retail Packed In A Presentable Box.Schaumpolster für Komfort und Schutz
Einstellbarer Gurt für alle Kopfgrössen
Steigert Luftzirkulation für schnellere Heilung
So gestaltet dass Druck auf das betroffene Auge minimiert wird

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